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What Does the M on an RSVP Card Mean?

M on a wedding RSVP card

Response card by Clementine Ink

If you’ve ever received an invitation to a wedding, you’ve likely seen the RSVP card with a space that looks like this:


As wedding planners, we’ve seen that space filled out in some pretty interesting (and creative!) ways. Here’s the deal on what the M on the RSVP card means: it’s for you to include your title when you fill out your name. For example:

Ms. Juanita Jorge

Miss Juanita Jorge

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Oh

Mr. Steven Oh

Mrs. Steven Oh (or Mrs. Juanita Oh depending on your style)

Sometimes you’ll receive an RSVP card without the M. This is just a more modern way of sending them and allows for other titles that don’t begin with the letter M, such as Dr. or military designations.

Photo of Juanita and Steven’s response card courtesy of Chicago wedding stationery designer Clementine Ink.

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