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Real Weddings: Kathleen & Joe



Kathleen and Joe’s August wedding was very special for me because Kathleen (better known as “Huds”) and I played on the Illinois Women’s Volleyball Club together at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Kathleen and Joe, high school sweethearts, celebrated their wedding at their families’ church, St. James Parish, with their reception at the Metropolis Ballroom, both in Arlington Heights. That morning, Kathleen, her mom, and bridesmaids got ready at the Renaissance Schaumburg, with their makeup done by Angela Makeup Chicago and their hair done at Salon 117 & Essence Day SpaEssence Photo and Video captured a few silly photos of the ladies before heading to St. James in an American Coach Limousine. Cindy Platt from Brackett & Company created stunning bouquets with white garden roses, hydrangeas, sand and Elise peach spray roses, and one of my favorites: succulents! Surrounded by family and friends, Kathleen and Joe were married by their family pastor, Father Tim, before departing the church for their Chicago Trolley with an exciting sparkler exit. Then the real fun began: Kathleen, Joe, and their bridal party partied over to the Circa ’57 Diner on the first floor of the Metropolis Ballroom building for some fun retro photos, complete with milk shakes, Marilyn, and chrome furniture! Signature Transportation shuttled guests to an adorable cocktail hour at Metropolis, where the groom himself brewed over 200 beers (and root beers for those under 21) for dual-duty escort cards and favors! Tony from Spinnin’ Discs kicked off a lively dinner and reception with “Come On Eileen”, before the bride and groom ran off to the bar across the street where Chicago Blackhawks President/CEO John McDonough of the Chicago Blackhawks had his day with Lord Stanley himself- Joe even got to wear his playoff ring! Hard to top that! After a delicious dinner of homemade Italian stuffed eggplant, strawberry spinach salad, lemon sorbet, tenderloin béarnaise or macadamia halibut mango chutney, potatoes, and vegetables, Mr. and Mrs. Colmone cut their pretty layered cake and danced the night away. Guests were even treated to late night sliders and french fries before calling it a night and continuing the after-party. Congratulations Huds & Joe!! Thank you for being amazing clients and even more amazing friends!


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