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Photo by Sonia Roselli

Morgan Ripper

Morgan Bell Ripper is thrilled to be a part of the elite team that makes up Elevage Events. Having worked closely with Ali Phillips of Engaging Events by Ali, Morgan fell head over heels for the magical experience that is orchestrating a wedding. Morgan’s educational background boasts degrees in both theatre and finance, making her ideal for the bridal industry. She has a passionate understanding of what goes into the theatrics of a wedding, whether grandiose or understated, and also understands and enjoys the business side of budgeting, timelines, and smart planning.

Morgan has an unyielding passion for reading, a hobby she developed at an early age. She also finds herself indulging in wedding magazines, as she likes to keep up to date with the current trends of the industry. Morgan also enjoys traveling, citing Disney World as her favorite destination. Her favorite part of a wedding is the magnetic moment when the groom first lays eyes on his bride as she makes her grand entrance into a room.

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