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Vendor Spotlight: Turning Point Productions

Turning Point Productions began over seven years ago when Frank Grumeretz, a film student from Columbia College, decided to combine his love of great Hollywood films with the traditional wedding videos that he had been shooting as a freelance videographer. He knew that the cheesy wedding videos with dated effects and styles could be something more exciting and personal. They could be something amazing that tells a story, something that the bride and groom would want to watch over and over again. They could be more like a motion picture taking the viewer on an epic journey that has all the laughs and cries, the sweet and funny, and both the awesome and rarely seen moments in life. So that’s what he set out to do.

Today, Turning Point Productions is a collaboration of artists with varying degrees of film backgrounds. The goal is to create a film centered on two very important people and this amazing day they chose to celebrate their love with friends and family. With each film that Turning Point creates, the focus is on that specific bride and groom and what is important to them. There is no cookie cutter approach because they’re are capturing real life and using it to tell an amazing story-your story. Sure, there is a Turning Point style, but what makes the films unique is the bride and groom themselves, their personalities. Then Turning Point adds in the endearing supporting characters, the amazing locations, the well planned details, and the unforgettable musical score to create a truly one of a kind story about two people in love and the incredible day they were married.

Turning Point Productions is based in Bloomingdale, Illinois and films weddings in the city of Chicago and  all throughout the state of Illinois. They are available for international destination weddings and have filmed a few weddings in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. They also travel nationally, having shot weddings in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Georgia, and California to name a few. They understand the stress of planning a wedding and believe your video shouldn’t be a part of that stress. Relaxed and easygoing applies to both their shooting style and their approach to booking their services.


For more information on Turning Point Productions, visit:

Email: info@turningpointcinema.com

Phone: 630.709.3845 Frank Grumeretz

Wandering Tree Estate Wedding Venue

BridesWandering Tree SignIndian Centerpiece


Wandering Tree Estate in Barrington is a luxurious, versatile venue that boasts 10 acres of gardens, a four acre lake, and  the incredible Harvey M. Silets Memorial Chicago Model Railroad Museum and miniature railways in the garden itself! The immaculate grounds provide endless possibilities for wedding pictures, especially  considering the astonishing assortment of flowers and the spectrum of beautiful colors. This private estate has seven different kinds of gardens, from the rose garden to the Japanese garden to even a sunken vegetable potager garden. One of my favorite aspects of the property is Camp Ketzelberry, a fun adventure zone for kids that includes a treehouse complete with climbing wall, a hammock, a campfire, and a zip line. If there were kids invited to my wedding celebration at Wandering Tree, this is definitely where they would spend all their time! This venue even has a separate bridal cottage on site next to their pool, perfect for the bridal party to get ready for a picturesque lakeside ceremony! American Classic Rides showed off some of their favorite rentable cars, such as a gorgeous 1969 Rolls Royce, a Ford Thunderbird, and even a 1938 Packard 1604 convertible! Florist Virgina Wolff created spectacular arrangements for the property, including my favorite design, an exotic Indian wedding under the 450-year-old burr oak tree! Without a doubt, Wandering Tree is truly “an exceptional venue for extraordinary events”.



Lakephoto 3Trains Garden

RosesSwingTrain Centerpiece

Funky Fiddlehead Ferns for your Wedding Florals

small_3418255329 small_4187627079small_5596527143

An interesting looking fern to be sure, Fiddleheads add a touch of whimsy to any bouquet or arrangement. Resembling the curved end of a stringed instrument such as the violin, Fiddleheads are a decorative filler flower that definitely add personality, but at a price. Considering their size, Fiddleheads are on the more expensive side, but are available year-round in a burgundy-brown, glossy color. Because they are so dark,  Fiddleheads are especially beautiful in fall bouquets, boutonnières, and centerpieces.



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