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Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection

As most any shopaholic can attest, there are not many things in life more thrilling than shoe shopping. Excitingly, this can get even better in the wedding world – especially when perusing the glamorous bridal masterpieces by Jimmy Choo.

Gloss by Jimmy Choo


Lancer by Jimmy Choo

Ranging from simple, classic and satin to strappy, glittery and Swarovski crystal encrusted, Jimmy Choo caters to every type of bride.

Grant by Jimmy Choo

On the 2011 Jimmy Choo Bridal Collection website, you have the ability to skim through the types of bridal Choos using a satin bridal bow as a scroll (squeal of delight!).   The categories are even broken down into type of wedding, including summer, city, beach or winter. There are also categories for mothers, bridesmaids, and wedding guests.  There is even a place for brides to share their “Choo Stories”!

Macy by Jimmy Choo

Private by Jimmy Choo

Which Choos are your favorite?

All shoe pictures from Jimmy Choo bridal collection website.

Chicago Wedding Venue: Gallery 1028

For the bride who is looking for something a little off the beaten path, head over to Goose Island and check out Gallery 1028, a refurbished warehouse owned and operated by Calihan Catering.


Photo compliments of Jeremy Lawson Photography

A loft-like space, complete with exposed brick, built-in ambient lighting, and the blank slate of white art gallery-style walls, Gallery 1028 offers a raw space resulting in a multitude of options for creative couples looking to design their reception from the ground up. Calihan Catering is the exclusive catering provider, but no other vendor is off-limits, allowing couples to customize to their heart’s content.

Photo compliments of Jeremy Lawson Photography

Dedicated spaces for cocktails and dinner allow guests to have two completely separate experiences within the same space, while the outdoor loading dock offers the perfect get-away for a little fresh air. With parking for as many cars as you can handle available for free on-site, it is truly a diamond in an unexplored part of downtown.

To learn more about Gallery 1028, visit their website at www.gallery-1028.com.

Photos courtesy of www.jeremylawsonphotography.com

Being Green at Your Wedding

It’s no secret that everyone is trying to be greener these days. It doesn’t end with wedding planning either. A new trend is incorporating organic clean lines into your reception decor, flowers and cakes. I love these pictures I found on TheKnot.com. Using very simple greenery and white flowers creates such a natural elegance. You can also spice up décor with bamboo pieces, serve organic chicken, or have your home grown flowers serve are you centerpieces. I see this as a growing trend with today’s society being more eco-friendly. Very fresh!

Sources: TheKnot.com

Menu Cards at Wedding Receptions

While planning your wedding, one last task (and decision) may be deciding if you’d like to have a menu card present during the meal portion of your reception.

In addition to complementing the overall ‘look’ of your wedding and other printing done by your printing and paper vendor (i.e. save the date, wedding invitation, program, etc.),  a menu card helps inform your guests of exactly what they will be enjoying to eat during your reception.

Generally speaking, we feel it is a good idea to include a menu card as it helps guests truly become engaged in the experience and also helps prevent issues with food allergies, etc.  However, if you’re looking to stay within budget – keep in mind that the menu card does not need to be too fancy.  It just needs to get guests ready for the meal, so they can eat and enjoy the party!

Menu cards created by Chicago wedding stationery designer Clementine Ink. Photos by Chicago wedding photographers Sarah Alair, Becky Hill Weddings, Chad Husar and Glen Abog.

What Does the M on an RSVP Card Mean?

M on a wedding RSVP card

Response card by Clementine Ink

If you’ve ever received an invitation to a wedding, you’ve likely seen the RSVP card with a space that looks like this:


As wedding planners, we’ve seen that space filled out in some pretty interesting (and creative!) ways. Here’s the deal on what the M on the RSVP card means: it’s for you to include your title when you fill out your name. For example:

Ms. Juanita Jorge

Miss Juanita Jorge

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Oh

Mr. Steven Oh

Mrs. Steven Oh (or Mrs. Juanita Oh depending on your style)

Sometimes you’ll receive an RSVP card without the M. This is just a more modern way of sending them and allows for other titles that don’t begin with the letter M, such as Dr. or military designations.

Photo of Juanita and Steven’s response card courtesy of Chicago wedding stationery designer Clementine Ink.

Baby’s Breath Flowers for Your Wedding Day

In the past, I never really loved baby’s breath – I always considered it an inexpensive, filler flower with not much interest.  However, after seeing it used more frequently recently, I’m starting to see how it’s delicate yet rustic, soft and delicate characteristics can look really beautiful if used correctly in bouquets.

Picture from www.alyeebits.com

In addition to a beautiful bridal bouquet, it also looks great as a monochromatic white pop of ‘color’ (or non-color) against bridesmaids dresses.

Source: BouquetBridal.com

And for those who really love it – it can even be used as the main attraction in beautiful centerpieces! Take a look and tell me that you too now love this flower!

Source: MGEvents.com

Source: Utterlyengaged.com

What type of flowers are you having or did you have at your wedding? Would you ever consider using baby’s breath at your wedding?

Comfortable Shoes for Brides

For those of you who have not heard of Toms shoes – they are a shoe you can feel good about wearing.  TOMS is a unique shoe company in that for every pair of shoes someone buys, the company donates a pair of shoes to a child somewhere in the world who is in need of them.  The shoes have recently gained popularity – being sold at Nordstrom and other large retailers.  However, most recently, TOMS has begun offering special deals for couples who outfit their entire wedding party in TOMS, as well as, special wedding specific styles!

For bridal parties wanting to wear TOMS in their weddings, TOMS will give them a 10% discount on a order of 10 or more pairs (someone in the bridal party needs to collect sizes and styles from everyone based on the availability at their website and then contact TOMS through the weddings@tomsshoes.com email with that information).


Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th to all of our blog readers out there. Please have a safe, happy and healthy July 4th Holiday!